¡Una Vez Más!

Today was our last full day in Chepo, how crazy?! These past three days, full of dance moves, broken Spanish, and lots of smiles, have flown by so quickly. Today we finished up the choreography for each of our classes in preparation for the showcase tomorrow. Both the teachers and the kids have been working... Continue Reading →


Congo Dresses and Settling In

Day 2 of teaching was A-MAZE-ZING! Just like what I thought, day 2 was when every thing started to fall into places. We made some changes that would make a lot more sense to the kids and ended up capturing the attention of all of them. Also, no one cried today (which is a huge... Continue Reading →

Apples and Onions

Upon arriving in Panama, I was introduced to the concept of “apples and onions.” After each day of the exchange, we will be sharing with the group something good that happened during the day, our “apple” and something that maybe did not go so well, our “onion.” After my first morning of teaching today, I... Continue Reading →

Panama, aquí vamos!

As another exciting dance exchange in Chepo, Panama is approaching, Movement Exchange at IU has even more to expect. Our team of dance diplomats is full of first-timers, which means aside from spreading pure passion and enthusiasm for the joy of dancing this holiday season, we need to bring ourselves together for a moment of... Continue Reading →

Move-Ex in the Midwest

Hey guys!   November has been a busy month for the movexperts at UW-Madison! We have been working very hard on planning for our upcoming winter workshop on December 9th. For this workshop we invited students from studios in the madison area as well as students from all over campus.  We successfully have one of... Continue Reading →

Native American Heritage Month

A Different Way to Celebrate Thanksgiving Rethink what Thanksgiving means to you. It is a great way to show gratitude for your friends and family, but it is also a perfect opportunity to learn about the land that you live on. It is our responsibility to seek the truth about the facts and myths of... Continue Reading →

Love Through Movement

Hi! Madelyn here, the chapter president of Western Michigan University's Move-Ex chapter. It’s the middle of the semester… rehearsals are running late, papers are due, and exams seem to be endless. But as I sit here thinking about Movement Exchange, a special lesson comes to mind which I have learned through Movement Exchange. And the... Continue Reading →

Dancing In the Rain Through Casco Viejo

I went with Movement Exchange to Panama for my first time this past summer. No amount of research could have prepared me for what I experienced. Panama itself is a very beautiful place, bursting at the seams with arts and culture. I loved going to the outdoor markets with our group and seeing the handmade jewelry and... Continue Reading →


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