E-ducation is a dialogue M-aking connections P-ower is in hope O-utstanding leadership W-omen are bad-ass superheroes E- nriching lives R- emember why you serve E- ndless work, but... D- etermination is the starting line We've just completed day two of the 2017 Move-Ex leadership conference, and I am already swamped with information, inspiration, and ideas.... Continue Reading →


Familiar Faces

After drinking copious amounts of Panamanian coffee in attempt to rid my body of the previous day's soreness and exhaustion, it was off to the university for the first activity of the day. On the itinerary for the day was a typical Panamanian folkloric class with a professor from the university. In true Panamanian style,... Continue Reading →

An Eye-Opening Experience

My experience here has been eye opening. I believe that I've learned so much from just being here a few days. The kids at Aldea and Malambo have taught me more about myself than I truly realized. I see that language barriers are real but it doesn't mean that it can stop a connection from... Continue Reading →

Con Niños

This picture, like the kids of Aldea, is full of life, imagination, and inspiration. It was wonderful working with the children of the orphanage and working beyond the language barrier using whatever Spanish I knew, combined with the help and understanding of these kids.


It was 2am and all I could think about were two things: How I had never heard anyone snore so loudly in my entire life, and how badly I wanted to release my body of the pretzel it had been in for the past seven hours. And not the soft Auntie Anne's either. But the... Continue Reading →

Movement Exchange Blog

When I walked off the plane and into the Panama City airport, I jokingly thought to myself, "I'm not in Kansas anymore". It was my first time ever stepping onto non-U.S. soil. The night before the flight, I had been worried about potential weather and culture shock, my inability to collaborate with an unfamiliar team,... Continue Reading →

First Day at Aldea

Today was an amazing day! We started out with an awesome folkloric dance class at the Panamanian University where we learned more about the culture of dance in Panama as well as cultural differences in general. After lunch we headed to the Aldea Orphanage to teach two dance classes and spend time with the kids.... Continue Reading →

An Abundance of Butterflies

The third day in Panama, and my second time returning to this special place...  I often find that coming back to things a second time around allows me to peel back a few more layers and better understand what it was that drew me to it in the first place. Since coming to Panama last... Continue Reading →

Panama Blog 1

Today was our group's first full day in Panama! We got up pretty early but it was all worth it to go on a hike and see all of Panama City. We even had the opportunity to speak with a Panamian officer. He shared a small piece of history about Panama which helped us open... Continue Reading →


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