The Universal Language

Teaching your peers is one thing, teaching your peers in a different country is another. Teaching at the University of Panama was an experience beyond words. Prior to going in and prepping beforehand, we didn't know what to expect. We were nervous about the reception of our choreography and how the students would react to... Continue Reading →


Mediation Through Dance

Today was a very busy day! We started with a 6:30 am wake up call and set out to hike Cerro Ancon, a hill on the outskirts of Casco Viejo where we are staying. Not only did the hike offer beautiful views of Panama City and Casco, but it was rich in historical value from... Continue Reading →

Radiant Faces & A Vibrant City

Day 3. We started off our day in Panama with a break dancing class. It's a style that is out of my comfort zone, but today our teacher, Hernan, was very caring and he helped all of us individually. He corrected us one-by-one and he was so genuine. His ease made me feel so comfortable... Continue Reading →

Language of Dance

We kicked off our second day in Panama with a flying low technique class, which was taught by a college student named Adrian. I'm personally not fond of floorwork but it was fun exploring out of my comfort zone and getting down on the ground (and I learned that I really need to work on my... Continue Reading →

Love at First Sight

Day 2. I am absolutely in love with this city, its people, and its vibrantly beautiful culture. The day of our departure to Panama I felt overwhelmed with nerves and a shaky sense of excitement. I had no idea what to expect, but I knew that this experience would change my life. I've been through... Continue Reading →

Leading to Serve

Service and leadership have each played an integral role in shaping my interests and passions.  As my experiences as a service leader have grown, I have come to realize that my work in service has greatly developed my work as a leader.  In the fall of 2014, I embarked on my journey at the University... Continue Reading →


E-ducation is a dialogue M-aking connections P-ower is in hope O-utstanding leadership W-omen are bad-ass superheroes E- nriching lives R- emember why you serve E- ndless work, but... D- etermination is the starting line We've just completed day two of the 2017 Move-Ex leadership conference, and I am already swamped with information, inspiration, and ideas.... Continue Reading →

Familiar Faces

After drinking copious amounts of Panamanian coffee in attempt to rid my body of the previous day's soreness and exhaustion, it was off to the university for the first activity of the day. On the itinerary for the day was a typical Panamanian folkloric class with a professor from the university. In true Panamanian style,... Continue Reading →

An Eye-Opening Experience

My experience here has been eye opening. I believe that I've learned so much from just being here a few days. The kids at Aldea and Malambo have taught me more about myself than I truly realized. I see that language barriers are real but it doesn't mean that it can stop a connection from... Continue Reading →

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