Lista! Cinco, Seis, Siete, Ocho!

Today, (Tuesday) we got to get up a little earlier to take an improv class from a Cuban instructor before we went to take class at the University. Although we knew we were going to be dancing a lot on this trip and in humid weather, I was excited to have the opportunity to actually... Continue Reading →


Hola Chicas!! Eres Emocionado?

Today, (Monday) marked the first official day we started our busy dance schedules! We woke up, ate a quick breakfast and headed to the University of Panama to take a class with some Panamanian dance students. Each day, people from our movement exchange team took turns teaching an hour and a half dance class teaching... Continue Reading →

When in Panama

I flew into Panama a day later than everyone else because I was coming from Florida on a previous trip. I was so excited and wasn’t quite sure what to expect coming into a foreign country for the first time by plane. The only other foreign country I had been to, was Mexico in Mexicali.... Continue Reading →

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