In the spring of 2017, recent Loyola Marymount University Graduate and NDEO Member Nicole Closson studied abroad in Bonn Germany. Her experience in a new culture created a passion and inspiration that would lead to the creation of a unique, inspiring, and creative choreographic show. Closson utilized her personal choreographic voice in combination with the inspiration she got while in Germany to generate a 30 minute modern dance show as her Senior Thesis Project entitled DREI . The performance starred 9 dancers from our University, as well as a selection of dancers from her hometown of Los Gatos, California.

Closson mentions in her biography for the show that things seem to come to her in 3’s. DREI is german for 3, making it the perfect title for her work. The show dives into the ideas of time, satisfaction, and relationships. These three elements of life heavily influenced her work, and her work brought clarity to her life in return. Closson’s work showcased amazing artistry and creativity.

As a promotion for her show, Closson designed DREI shirts which she sold throughout the dance program, LMU Community, and beyond. While raising awareness her show, Nicole also raised almost $500 which she donated to our Movement Exchange chapter to pay for dues and to help jumpstart payment for next year’s Movement Exchange trip. We are so incredibly thankful for the generosity from Nicole, and proud of her artistic development.

– Movement Exchange at LMU


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