Performance Day

Today was our last day at Meteti, performance day.  Watching the students prepare to go on stage was truly amazing.  The performance went absolutely amazing, and the work that the students have put in over the past few days was evident.  They have all grown so much.    After warming up, the older group began... Continue Reading →


Growth, Smiles, and Rewards

I am a third year college student studying ballet and business, and I work at a diner on the weekends and teach ballet on the side.  I wanted more involvement with the community so I joined movement exchange recently and absolutely fell in love with the mission statement and values.  I decided to participate in... Continue Reading →

Experiencing and Empowering

Our photographer has been doing an amazing job documenting our experiences here in Panama. But in addition to taking candid photos and films, he is also conducting interviews with the students taking our classes, and us, the teachers. He asked some really great questions that highlight the uniqueness and therefore the value of Movement Exchange.... Continue Reading →

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