When you don’t do it for the resume…

I am no stranger to voluntourism. Dictionary says this term means "a combination of both volunteering and tourism" but I would argue that it means "to volunteer to benefit oneself regardless of the consequences". As we all know, volunteer experience is crucial for a student to get into elite universities in the US. As an... Continue Reading →


Puente del Mundo

Panama has a wonderful nickname - Puente del mundo, Corazon del Universido. In English, it translates to Bridge of the World, Heart of the Universe. The “Bridge of the World” comes from the Panama Canal and “Heart of the Universe” comes from Panama’s location on the world map. However, the nickname has a much deeper... Continue Reading →

Malambo Day 2

Ignorance is a bliss. That phrase was very true for my first day at Malambo. First day at Malambo was actually a blessing and was not too hard for me because I was unable to understand any of girls' bad mouthed words and teasing. (Shoutout to my teaching partner Heidi who is fluent in Spanish).... Continue Reading →

Connections at Malambo

Today, our last day with the Malambo girls, was gratifying, exhilarating, and heartbreaking. We have been bonding with a lot of these girls for four days now and through my broken Spanish I was able to learn about them and about myself. For the past three days we have been working with both the older... Continue Reading →

University of Panama x UCI

Coming to the University of Panama for the first time, I did not know what to expect. I was excited to converse with the students and make new friends but most importantly I was ready to dance, teach and learn from the Panamanian dancers. It was a dance exchange like this that I have always... Continue Reading →


Today, the morning was humid and warm, as the past four days in Panamá have been. This trip had been incredibly free-flowing, and as individuals experienced life-opening moments, mine was yet to truly hit home. Two years ago, I arrived to the waistline of the world as a wide-eyed and thoroughly confused freshman. Throughout the... Continue Reading →


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