It’s Show Time!

It seems crazy that this is my third year, in the same country, working with a lot of the same children, and I have had a completely new experience. Through my first two exchanges I gladly took the roll of the follower. I followed the lead of the veteran exchangers and was the person that... Continue Reading →


Breaking Barriers

Tuesday of this week was amazing. Without a doubt everyone in the group broke a barrier and had great fulfillment doing so! Our day started off with a great hike that let us enjoy the beautiful view of Casco Viejo. From there we were off to dancing with the students of the University of Panama.... Continue Reading →

Our Impact Does Not Go Unnoticed

Today was incredible. We began our day with a wonderful salsa class led by the Panamanian salsa champion. From there we went to Malambo for our second day of teaching with the girls. All of us dance diplomats were anxious going into the class after our first day with the girls was more rough than... Continue Reading →

Hey, Panama!

Oh man, we LOVE Panama!  We got in yesterday, tired, but ready to roll.  It was wonderful to acquaint ourselves with our new surroundings, new friends from all over the States, and the plan for our jam-packed week of Dance Diplomacy.  We even went to a unique contemporary dance performance by a Spanish company, La... Continue Reading →

Thoughts from Retreat

June 23-26 2016. Indiana University. Ft. Movement Exchange dancers from across the country. As the delegate for UC San Diego, a Movement Exchange chapter that's just celebrating is first official year in action, I had no idea what to expect at our first summer retreat with the national organization. Our team hadn't yet gone to Panama... Continue Reading →

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