Listening to silence, you hear so much

I have been teaching dance for the past year for two programs in West Michigan. Aside from dance technique, I place heavy significance on self motivation and hard work towards both short term and long term goals. I often find myself becoming frustrated with students who don't make consistent effort in weekly classes and show... Continue Reading →



I had a conversation with a few of my friends while I was here about how much this trip has changed us, even outside of the dance aspect. We talked about our lack of traveling to different countries prior to this trip, and why that was. We talked about how we had no idea what... Continue Reading →

Fluent in Love

Growing up I have lived an incredibly privileged life. I have been given amazing opportunities, received endless support, and have been constantly surrounded by family and friends who love me. While I am very thankful for the life I have lived, I could not help but question on this trip why I have been so... Continue Reading →


This is the fourth day of our trip and my heart is heavy. Looking into their eyes, I see my sister or nephew, but more importantly, I see them. I see them for the beautiful people they are. They are so willing to give so much, as they lean their head on my lap and... Continue Reading →

Bright Lights and Full Hearts

What a soul filling day it has been. I am experiencing the powers and wonders of dance like never before.  Yes, it's only day two...but my heart is already bursting with love for these Panamanian dancers-both young and old. Ill be honest, yesterday was tough. The language barrier was a bigger barrier than I anticipated. I... Continue Reading →

Uniting in Dance

In only my first full day in Panama working with the children from Malambo and the University of Panama students I have already had my expectations for this trip exceeded. Being able to interact with dance students at the University of Panama really showed me that dance truly is a universal language. We were all... Continue Reading →

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