Bridge of the World, Heart of the Universe

Reflecting on our last day teaching at Aldea S.O.S. (PTY) I truly feel a sense of community has been built through dance as a universal language. Dance has always been a form of expression and beauty for me, but until this exchange did I realize how influential of a tool dance is when building relationships... Continue Reading →


What the children showed me (in a nutshell)

When I came to this exchange, I had an idea of what I would be giving the kids I would be working with. I knew I would be giving them the gift of dancing. I would be giving them my presence and time. But I had no clue how much the kids would be giving... Continue Reading →

Just some tidbits & reflection

As our last day of teaching dance in panama comes to a close, I could not be happier with all that I have experienced here. I will definitely miss all of the kid’s genuine smiles, laughter, curiosity, and strength while I’m back within the madness of New York City. Before teaching today at Aldeas SOS... Continue Reading →

A Letter of Gratitude and Thanks

My dear Panamanian kiddos, You may never see this post but in my heart I know that you felt the mutual connection from the wonderful past few days. It's incredible how in less than a week a person can have so much personal growth. I saw it in you and I saw it in myself. This... Continue Reading →

6 things you learn on an exchange

1: The heat is no joke Panamanian heat is a new level of heat. You learn that it is essential to wear sunscreen at all hours, embrace that frizz life, and convince yourself that sweating isn't gross, but is a "toxin cleanse". 2: Upper body strength is key Silks class will test your will power... Continue Reading →


I deleted all of my social media apps as soon as I arrived in Casco Antiguo. So I have now gone five days without Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter all buzzing on my smartphone as they usually do daily. I made this decision because I didn't want any distractions from "the outside world" while I... Continue Reading →

Dance is Forever

Today was our last day at Malambo Orphanage and as I sit alone in the kitchen of our hostel, I can't think of many words to describe how I feel. I do know, however, that I have learned more from the children at Malambo than I could ever dream of teaching them. In just 2... Continue Reading →

A Moving and Grooving Monday!

Today was incredible! The dancing, service, and cultural experiences made today so fulfilling. We began the day taking class with Tina’s company. The class focused on using the floor and the spiral of the back to create movement. I loved seeing the dancers from the other universities move. I feel more connected to them through... Continue Reading →

The Beautiful Exchange

Panama is the first place I have been outside of the United States and it has been such an amazing experience. Coming to Panama I had no idea what to expect, but being able to teach and study dance in another country has been truly amazing. Dance really is its own language. I have been... Continue Reading →

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