Panama 12/29/15-1/5-16 Exchange

At first glance, the kids from Meteti could not be more different from ourselves. We attend established universities in big cities. They live in a remote town in the Panamanian rainforest. We don’t speak the same language. How could teaching dance for a few days possibly make any difference to these kids? How could this... Continue Reading →


Experience Never Gets Old

Panama.  Where to begin.  Well for starters, I spent seven days and eight nights in 90 degree weather with limited meal choices and language barriers that almost made communication nonexistent.  On the other hand, I spent seven days and eight nights with some of my closest friends teaching a curriculum of dance to enhance community... Continue Reading →

Joyful, powerful movement

Through self exploration, and study of the psychology and dance fields, I have seen the many ways that movement exists as a universal means of communication. Coming to Panama, I was eager to see how this idea played out despite language barriers. The second the children ran into the classroom, my nervous anticipation subsided, as... Continue Reading →

Expressivity in Panama

Teaching this week in Panama has been a phenomenal experience. It was wonderful to be embraced in a new community that has culture different from my own. The students were warm and eager to learn. It was really satisfying to see their improvement and investment in the classes progress. Everyday we started class with a... Continue Reading →

Panama Exchange

During my Panama experience, I gained so much more insight about dance and how it impacts so many people in so many ways. When I first arrived, I was afraid to teach and interact because everything was so new and different for me. I felt that i would not be able to touch the hearts... Continue Reading →

Our Inspiring Students

One of the most touching moments this trip came on the final day in Chepo prior to the girls big performance. Community members and volunteers were setting up for the show and most of the younger kids were playing in the courtyard and running in and out of the classrooms when I went down the... Continue Reading →


My favorite thing about travel is how simple it is to connect with people who don't speak your language. It's amazing how much body language, movement, and playfulness can do to make connections. A closed off demeanor can make you not approachable. Through working with children I have learned how an open body can make... Continue Reading →

Smiling in Panama

Coming to Panama I was a little nervous about teaching because I knew very little Spanish. Once we got to the school and met the main teacher I became more open to the challenge. Then once we entered the classroom and started moving I realized that we did speak the same language, but instead of... Continue Reading →

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