You know it’s the third day when…

The mosquito bites have surfaced, the bonds have grown stronger, and the Panamanian heat is no longer acknowledged. Yep, it's day three! Today started with a beautiful hike to the top of Ancon hill, where we saw frogs and toucans while we walked through the rain. We then headed to take class/ teach class to... Continue Reading →


Round Two!

It's the end of day two here in Panama! Today kicked off with a great breakfast and some coffee to wake up the brain. After that we went and took an amazing Afro class. Our wonderful teacher taught us a traditional afro dance, and whipped our butts into shape. I don't think I have ever... Continue Reading →

UCI has officially arrived in Panama! After a rough red eye and a long walk around the city (until our hostel was ready), we are finally rested and settled in. The UCI crew, or the Panamaniacs as we call ourselves,  are so ready to rock n roll! We will be spending most of our time teaching... Continue Reading →

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