“Its not how much you give, but how much love we put into giving.” Mother Teresa

In September of 2013, I met Mei-Ling Murray, fellow Program Director for the India program; we took an Afro-Brazilian dance class, and at the end, not knowingly, our 2 hour conversation turned into a commitment and vision of taking dance education to India. 2014 became a year of courage, trust and resiliency. As Movement Exchange... Continue Reading →


One Week in Kolkata

There’s a reason they describe Kolkata as the “City of Joy”. This bustling cosmopolitan city has a soul; a living, breathing, pulsing soul, that runs through the streets, the buildings, and the people. Ever feel something within that you simply can’t put into words? Or perhaps you felt that words didn’t do it justice? This... Continue Reading →

A glimpse into Dance Movement Therapy in India

On our last day in Kolkata, we were lucky enough to spend a few hours at Kolkata Sanved— an NGO that uses Dance Movement Therapy to empower victims of sex trafficking and trauma survivors. Blending DMT with Indian dance aesthetic, Sanved brings dance to communities as a vehicle for psychological rehabilitation and creative expression. Made... Continue Reading →


"Like a wildflower, you must allow yourself to grow in all the places people thought you never would." -E.V. This quote popped up for me and was completely applicable to the work Movement Exchange does. They give these kids a venue to grow in environments which may not me nurturing. Dancing is an untamed expression... Continue Reading →

I call her Suzy Q

  Salsa is a unique dance, in the fact that you can find it at almost any point on the map. It’s infectious; it gets in your system and forces your body to move. All you need is a little ‘basic,’ and a little ‘Suzy Q’ (see photo 😉   Dewdrops Dance Studio, Kolkata, India... Continue Reading →

A New Love for Kathakali

Last Sunday we learned a bit about the South Indian dance theater form called Kathakali. We traveled to the house of our teacher on the outskirts of Kolkata. The calming smell of incense and a beautifully manicured traditional dance floor made of packed mud welcomed us. Various sitars (a classical Indian instrument) and masks covered with the... Continue Reading →

First teaching day in Kolkata!

The differences between Mumbai and Kolkata become more, and more evident each day we are here. Today I discovered that not only does the traffic, dress, and infrastructure seem different in Kolkata, but our students do as well! We began our day teaching at Ek Prayaas, a day school. Here, we were greeted by about... Continue Reading →

One Week in Mumbai

As I stepped off the airplane, I knew I was entering a different stage of my life. A phase where I would start to breathe differently, perceive differently, live differently. Sarah and I had traveled from Chicago together and arrived right after midnight on New Year's Eve, ready to welcome the New Year in a... Continue Reading →


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