Spotlight: Move-Ex India Partners

The Society for the Education of the Crippled educates and rehabilitates children with physical disabilities from underserved populations. They have been building expertise in the education and care of orthopedically handicapped children and adults for the past 45 years. Participants will engage in one week of outreach work with SEC dance volunteers, Shanivaz, offering dance... Continue Reading →


Número Cuatro

It's getting even more busy being here. I'm still so thankful for this opportunity it is completely changing the way I think and view the world, myself, and dance . Like I said, I'm not the best with my words, so here are some pictures from Tuesday! Cara, one of our group leaders, taught class... Continue Reading →

Número Tres

This post is a little late sorry! Yesterday I started my day with yet another early morning. It's just so peaceful to wake up and feel like the whole city is my own. Cafe con leche and skyline view. Had a delicious breakfast and some of us got to try maracuya. We then drove to... Continue Reading →

Número Dos

I was the first one in our group to wake up this morning and it was so peaceful. I woke up to have cafe con leche and it was raining outside. I had a quiet breakfast with a view. it's amazing how empty the streets are at that time. We then went on a two... Continue Reading →


Well we arrived!! And boy were we hungry! Nikos was our first stop. Thank you Movement exchange for the meal. I had ropa viejo (really great meat), arroz con pollo, veggies, and platanos. Deliciouso! Despues we went exploring in Casco Viejo. The sights are beautiful and I'm still taking it all in. Ultimate tourist picture.... Continue Reading →

Número Uno

I'm currently sitting on the floor of the Miami international Airport only three and a half more hours till we arrive in Panama! I've decided to make this blog mostly pictures. I strongly believe that through pictures I can capture the essence of my time abroad. Hope you enjoy! Besos! Keira, Brittany, Sarah and I... Continue Reading →

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