Month: September 2014

Spotlight: Move-Ex India Partners


The Society for the Education of the Crippled educates and rehabilitates children with physical disabilities from underserved populations. They have been building expertise in the education and care of orthopedically handicapped children and adults for the past 45 years.

Participants will engage in one week of outreach work with SEC dance volunteers, Shanivaz, offering dance and empowerment classes at SEC’s pre-school community center in Santa Cruz, Mumbai


Nalanda Dance Research Centre is a three-tiered institution, conducting research projects that enhance the understanding, appreciation, and knowledge about dance not only as a cultural phenomenon but also as an adjunct to human development.

Movement Exchange will give participants the chance to engage with Nalanda through an education experience: learning leading research and pedagogy of Indian Classical Dance.


Número Cuatro

It’s getting even more busy being here. I’m still so thankful for this opportunity it is completely changing the way I think and view the world, myself, and dance . Like I said, I’m not the best with my words, so here are some pictures from Tuesday!

IMG_3837-0.JPGCara, one of our group leaders, taught class at the University of Panama. It was amazing to see how well the students create choreography and how quickly they adapted to improve techniques. I’m starting to get attached to the students and I’m beginning to wish they were my classmates.

Right after teaching, we ate, and a few other girls and I (Sarah, Shirine, Keira) ate lunch and we had an amazing and necessary talk about our experiences at our university. Lots of tears in a cafeteria! But I’m so bonded to the group of people who are on this trip.

Following the university we went straight to Aldea SOS in Panama City. Originally we were to have 3 groups dividing the ages but due to a rain and thunderstorm we all were huddled under 1 gazebo. It was absolutely amazing. The kids just want to be loved and what better way to share and express love than through dance. We weren’t allowed to take pictures of the kids, but once I get a group photo
I’ll be sure to add it.

After Aldeas we came home and took showers and walked to the fish market




IMG_3872.JPGThe sights on our way to food are beyond gorgeous


Langosta y ceviche de pescado!

After dinner we went to Artes Martes and got to watch an amazing and hilarious Cabaret performance.


We then headed home extremely exhausted but so full from the day!

This is all so incredible!


Número Tres

This post is a little late sorry!
Yesterday I started my day with yet another early morning. It’s just so peaceful to wake up and feel like the whole city is my own.

Cafe con leche and skyline view.

Had a delicious breakfast and some of us got to try maracuya.

We then drove to the University of Panama.
– We got to sit in on an amazing acting class
– Taught our first classes at the university
– I got to do some contact improve with foreign bodies
– Eat lunch with everyone

Visiting the university was so special. Teaching kids who are so hungry to learn is amazing. They have such a strong and creative community. I can’t wait to go back today!

After we taught at the university we went to the market central and it was raining. I had a slow motion moment full of laughter trying to escape the rain.

IMG_3825.JPG After a slightly longer break than expected we went to Danilo Perez Orphanage and due to the rain we only taught 6 kids. Regardless of the amount we had such a blast. I felt so connected to the kids and I had a very special moment with one of the girls while dancing. It is unbelievable how much can be said through just movement, it is a feeling that transcends and invites. I’m loving it.



IMG_3827.JPGOnce back home we had time to get ready and head to dinner. We ate as a group at this delicious Italian restaurant.

*(I’m a very horrible writer of emotions so I can’t go into detail)

It’s incredible how I can feel my heart changing.

Hasta hoy en la noche!
Chau 😘

Número Dos

I was the first one in our group to wake up this morning and it was so peaceful. I woke up to have cafe con leche and it was raining outside. I had a quiet breakfast with a view.


IMG_3739-1.JPG it’s amazing how empty the streets are at that time.

We then went on a two hour bus ride to Porto Belo where we got to improve on canons. Learning a little about the history of fuerte gironimo.


We took a Pasa Pasa class by Jairo, which is a Jamaican dance! Soooo fun considering I haven’t danced all summer.


After that we taught our first class in the Orphanage ( Aldea SOS ) what an incredible experience. My group taught the boys… and man were they talented. Two boys opened up to me and taught me choreo and saying goodbye was so tough. A part of my research in panama is how to keep the conversation going. Still in the research process but loving every minute of finding out. My soul is full. Thank you movement exchange.



Well we arrived!!



And boy were we hungry! Nikos was our first stop. Thank you Movement exchange for the meal. I had ropa viejo (really great meat), arroz con pollo, veggies, and platanos. Deliciouso!



Despues we went exploring in Casco Viejo. The sights are beautiful and I’m still taking it all in.


Ultimate tourist picture.

Tomorrow we meet our first group of kids and I’m so anxious! Buenas noches panama.

Número Uno

I’m currently sitting on the floor of the Miami international Airport only three and a half more hours till we arrive in Panama! I’ve decided to make this blog mostly pictures. I strongly believe that through pictures I can capture the essence of my time abroad. Hope you enjoy! Besos!

Keira, Brittany, Sarah and I at LAX

On the plane… Ready for MiMis

The view on the decent to Miami! Beautiful.