An Electric Performance

Teatro Anita Villalaz was packed at Movement Exchange's 5th annual show on the stormy night of June 13, 2014. Malambo Orphanage and the Danilo Perez Foundation each performed a piece choreographed by Move-Ex volunteers, with Malambo rocking out to Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" and Danilo Perez channeling their inner Gatsby¬†to Fergie's "A Little Party... Continue Reading →


Happy Hump Day!

Boy are we exhausted! Our hump day consisted of back-to-back energy-filled classes. We started off with an Aerial class, where most of us were able to flip, turn, and dance mid-air, while some of us realized¬†we have no upper-body strength. We definitely broke a sweat (we were actually drenched in sweat) before heading to the... Continue Reading →

Nothing But Apples

As we share our "apples and onions" on Day 3 of our open-call exchange, the onions are hard to come by. Our group is divided into two smaller groups, each working with children at a separate foundation. A highlight from each group... Equipo Danilo Perez: Due to a power outage today, we held class outside,... Continue Reading →

Spotlight: Hannah Crane, Move-Ex Pioneer

1. What is your background in dance? I started dancing and competing with my hometown studio in Warsaw, IN when I was 7 years-old. This is where I gained a foundational education and technique in ballet, modern, jazz, and tap. I studied under this studio from 7 years-old until I graduated high school; it was... Continue Reading →

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