Perfect ending to the perfect week. Day 7 in Panama!!

We started off the day bright and early again with another flying low class. We did some energy work and explored the idea of gathering and sending your energy again. He also talked a lot about being aware of your body, especially your feet and your focus. One of the great things that we did... Continue Reading →


Exchange. Day 6 in Panama!!

(Slightly late post.)Today was all about the exchange. With everything that happened today, I now really understand the importance of both taking and giving. We took a flying low modern class today and I didn't even make this connection until now, but he kept telling us to gather and send energy throughout our body. There... Continue Reading →

Jam Packed. Day 5 in Panama!!

Today was crazy busy (hence the title) and I don't think I was quite prepared for how much we were going to do. We started off the day bright and early with an aerial class where we learned to use silks. Might be one of the hardest things I have ever done. I have about... Continue Reading →

Muchos abrazos!! Day 4 in Panama!

Today was indescribable. I'd say the best day we've had so far in more ways than one! During our reflections at the end of the day today, everyone had so many great things to say and I think  there was a general consensus that today was incredible. We started off the day taking a hike... Continue Reading →

Leaving so soon?

I cannot believe today was our last day in Malambo! It has gone by far too quickly. I am surprised by the amount of children who have impacted me in the short two days we spent at this orphanage, and I can only hope that I made as much of an impression on them in... Continue Reading →

I can never find enough words to express how blessed I feel to be here in Panamá.  I hope these photos provide some insight into the happiness I am experiencing by being around such vibrant and thoughtful young women and men and by my magical surroundings. Here's a glimpse of my day in Panamá-  ... Continue Reading →

Senses of Panama

It's actually quite refreshing to not be able to understand everything people are saying- it's peaceful to hear the poetic tones of the Spanish language, and so intriguing to see how a wordless vocabulary can reach others.  I love dance.  I love the action, I love the performance, I love watching bodies move through space,... Continue Reading →

Quieres bailar? Day 3 in Panama!

Our day 3 in Panama was filled with dancing!! We started off the day at the University of Panama dancing with the dance majors at the school. The lovely Shauna in our Move-Ex group taught a high energy (and super fun) jazz class that EVERYONE loved. There was not a single person in the room... Continue Reading →

Wonderful 2nd day!

Today we began the day with a Jazz class taught by one of our SMU students at the Univeristy in Panama. It was a great experience to be able to dance with other University dance majors, and just reaffirmed that dance is universal in our world. Though our cultures are so different, and the language... Continue Reading →

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