You Make Me Feel Like Dancin…

Inspiration is an amazing feeling in any form, but today I was lucky enough to receive it from an amazing bunch of kids. The kids at Aldea Orphanage in Colon, who we worked with this morning and afternoon, were glowing with happiness and watching them dance without a care in the world was a priviledge.... Continue Reading →


Dancing Towards Confidence

Today we went to Aldea S.O.S. in Panama City and we were able to work with an amazing group of kids. At first some of them were a bit shy but they were able to learn some fun choreography and capoeira! One of the girls, Angie (she's pictured with me above), started the afternoon sitting... Continue Reading →

A True Exchange

 Although this is my third exchange, there have been new and fascinating things, and with each activity I learn more about connecting with others.¬†One of my favorite things that happened today at our first time teaching at Aldea SOS-PTY was being able to meet and watch the older girls dance. They are so beautiful, kind,... Continue Reading →

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