IU Movement Exchange Panama Day 1

Day 1 in Panama was amazing! We started the day with an amazing traditional Panamanian lunch, walked around Panama City, took a nature hike, and spent the day sharing yoga, dance and lots of love and affection with the beautiful and sweet children at the Malambo Orphanage…what we shared and experienced is beyond description and... Continue Reading →


Monday Magic

Like any day for Movement Exchange, our Monday was full of adventure and exciting events! From a traditional dance class to a beach lunch to learning about biodiversity and then returning to Malambo for music, dance, yoga, and fun. We were able to make so many connections today with the kids that participated, and it... Continue Reading →

Panama! Day One

Today, we hit the ground running!  One thing that I love about our trips to Panama is the active and spontaneous atmosphere that feels present everywhere in the country.  Our days are always packed - active with dancing and travelling and discovering - but are never rushed, which can lead to wonderful, unexpected moments.We began... Continue Reading →

Hello (from a heart-pounding, Facebook-blasting, frantically packing veteran dance diplomat from Indiana University!) As I sit on my creaking bed in my grandmother's house in South Florida the night before I leave for Panama...I cannot help but have a surreal feeling. I AM RETURNING TO PANAMA TOMORROW?! How did a whole year already go by?... Continue Reading →


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