Lista! Cinco, Seis, Siete, Ocho!

Today, (Tuesday) we got to get up a little earlier to take an improv class from a Cuban instructor before we went to take class at the University. Although we knew we were going to be dancing a lot on this trip and in humid weather, I was excited to have the opportunity to actually... Continue Reading →


Hola Chicas!! Eres Emocionado?

Today, (Monday) marked the first official day we started our busy dance schedules! We woke up, ate a quick breakfast and headed to the University of Panama to take a class with some Panamanian dance students. Each day, people from our movement exchange team took turns teaching an hour and a half dance class teaching... Continue Reading →

When in Panama

I flew into Panama a day later than everyone else because I was coming from Florida on a previous trip. I was so excited and wasn’t quite sure what to expect coming into a foreign country for the first time by plane. The only other foreign country I had been to, was Mexico in Mexicali.... Continue Reading →

A quick reflection!

Coming to Panama was almost like a "Reset" button for me. It shifted all of my gears and truly displaced any pre-emptive ideas I had for this trip. This was my second time back as a volunteer and it was truly a one of a kind experience. This time time around I had the amazing opportunity... Continue Reading →

The Last Couple of Days

The last couple of days have been without blogs because we’ve been staying at the Malambo orphanage where we teach and the internet is very unreliable most times and after a big rain it does not work for a couple of days. But here is a brief recap of the last couple of days as... Continue Reading →

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