Chepo Checklist

1. Wake up to the sun shining down on you through your cabin windows 2. Go to the local grade school, Santa Isabel, for breakfast 3. Teach two dance classes to the Santa Isabel 6th graders 4. Practice the dances you have taught the kids throughout the week 5.h Watch the school's "black ethnicity month"... Continue Reading →


Stepping (and Dancing) Outside of Our Comfort Zones

On one of our first nights here in Panama, I had said that one of my intentions for the week was to step outside of my comfort zone. While traveling to another country where I barely speak the language and doing so completely alone as the only one from UD was already way outside of... Continue Reading →

Hi! My name is Erin and I'm from George Mason University. This is my first exchange with movement exchange and I am loving it so far. Today is the end of our second full day of teaching and learning here in Panama. We have had the opportunity to visit the Piriati community of the Embera... Continue Reading →

Developing as a Human through Movement

Day 4 of our Exchange!! Today introduced us to a discussion of child development and how it plays into dance education. Specifically, we compared the classes we teach back in the states versus the ones we are teaching here. We noticed and named more similarities than differences between the kids since no matter where they... Continue Reading →

Shopping, Exploring, Moving

Today we had the opportunity to explore more of Casco and its culture. We did some sight seeing in the town and then found our way into the jungle where we saw a sloth, a toucan, and a monkey. At the orphanage we had a strong day with lots of participation. We constructed human obstacle... Continue Reading →

Panama is Beautiful

Panama is beautiful; life here is easy going and vibrant. Not being able to speak Spanish has enforced the thought that movement is a language that is universal to people of various ethnicities, ages, and backgrounds. I never want to stop dancing. - Andie Duong Movement Exchange at UT-Austin

Panama, You Have My Heart

This is my third time on an exchange and honestly, I didn’t expect to cry this time, but I sure did. My chest feels heavy, full, and numb all at the same time. I don’t know how to describe the feelings I have for these kids and this organization. However, I do know that the... Continue Reading →

Para Ti

Almost a year ago, I found Movement Exchange at Western Michigan University while at my first-year orientation. I felt driven to be a part of the organization because of its union between dance and service. After hearing about the exchange to Panama, I knew it was something I’d like to do. I enjoyed listening to... Continue Reading →

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